In his story of Giftbringer, author Frederick Wiegand takes us on the legendary origin of good old St. Nick. Beginning with his upbringing and giving us insight into his parents and the values they tried to instill in this young man, we follow a story that teaches us about jealousy and envy, discontentment, and gratitude. We encounter young Nicholas as the author draws us into his relationship with his best friend, Petrus. Then we all travel on a journey together as the two discover young manhood, evaluate true convictions, and pursue happines, careers, and love.

The challenges of balancing the emotions that come between love and career allow us to search along with the two young men for the true meaning of life. The twists and turns and the hills and valleys of their relationship with each other as well as with those around them lead us to an almost soap opera type of vortex, but this is where we begin to fully understand the giving heart that motivates the exploits of Nicholas. We are only allowed enough time to exhale before Wiegard introduces another subplot that entices us to discover how it unfolds. With a few, very clever twists, Wiegard lets us know that this is just the beginning of many more adventures of Nicholas.

I found Giftbringer to be compelling reading. The subplots made it very difficult for me to put the book down until I could arrive at a break in the action. I shared many of the chapters with my children and my wife. God has blessed me with four daughters, who took such an avid interest in the story that eventually I would search for the book only to find it in one of their rooms. We would discuss the plots together and try to guess how each episode would develop. If my experiences are any indication, Giftbringer will prove to be a great book for the entire family. It will allow parents and children to discuss some of life's issues and compare notes on how they feel about the questions raised by the trials and temptations faced by Nicholas in the difficult process of growing up.

Wiegand has introduced a series of chronicles of Nicholas that I truly believe will be around for a long, long time. A classic in its own right, Giftbringer is a great gift to share with someone special. If you enjoy reading stories of love, adventure, and challenge, accompanied by deeper meaning and strong moral principles, you will absolutely enjoy reading this novel. Giftbringer is a very exciting story that touches every human emotion. Wiegard takes you on a journey through time and imagination in such a way that it leaves you wanting to travel with him again and again. You will love every chapter of this thrilling story of young Nicholas, the Giftbringer. Read it. Enjoy it. Above all, share it.

David Cobb
Pastor, Recording Artist, and International Worship Leader
Fairfield, CA

by Frederick Wiegand

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